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The medical cleaning world is more regulated than other types of facilities we clean. Therefore specific medical and health-care rules and guidelines are followed. These health-care and medical cleaning guidelines may need to be documented as part of the entire facility cleaning procedure.

We provide comprehensive sanitary solutions for primary care facilities for medical centers such as hospitals and surgical centers. As well as secondary health care locations such as doctors’ offices, urgent care locations as well as emergency medical event cleaning such as post-accident, post crime, and post-disaster clean-up. Commercial Janitorial’s team of cleaning professionals are trained to deal with cleaning products in healthcare facilities in order to disinfect and clean surfaces in the most effective manner without impacting patients especially in critical care environments such as ICUs, containment centers, and respiratory care centers.

Our staff is specially equipped to deal with mission-critical healthcare issues such as pandemics and viral incidents such as flu, cold seasons, and outbreaks like Covid-19


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