What you need to know about Electrostatic Disinfecting

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It does no good to panic or be overly anxious. There are precautionary measures you can take to help protect the people who occupy your facility as well as measures for immediate implementation if someone tests positive for an infectious disease like COVID-19.

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The Benefits of Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Many establishments are investing in a high-quality electrostatic cleaning system due to the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of regular disinfection.

¬†It’s a quick way to disinfect

Electrostatic Sprayers are a speedy way to get the disinfecting job done. Our cordless electrostatic sprayers can spray a continuous stream that applies 360-degree coverage to sprayed objects. This means your facilities, home, or other establishments can be disinfected quickly and safely.

It’s Effective and approved by the CDC

The electrostatic spraying method is effective. These sprayers are designed to cover more surfaces, so they can wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. This disinfection method is able to coat every sprayed surface with a thin layer of disinfectant. Our sprayers are designed to use less disinfectant solution when spraying while coating surfaces adequately and evenly.

Potential applications of the Electrostatic spray disinfection system

There is a large demand for electrostatic spray disinfection and cleaning. Included is a brief breakdown of locations and industries that could benefit from investing in our cleaning services.

There are numerous other applications that an electrostatic spray disinfection system can benefit, especially with the changing expectations of business owners as the pandemic furthers. Our Coronavirus Disinfecting Service is Nationwide and as each state in America reopens, Disinfecting your Office and or Facility is KEY. We offer recurring COVID Disinfecting Plans for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly visits

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