Serving business and government facilities with the highest quality, dependable, environmentally sound services.

We know your time is better spent on the operations of your business than on the maintenance of your building.


You can trust American Facility Services Group to perform work in your facility in a safe and secure manner.

All work is completed in compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and is covered by comprehensive general liability insurance.

Government offices and agencies rely on Commercial Janitorial facilities maintenance services and cleaning to bring order to their public buildings and grounds. We have provided Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services to government customers, including municipal, state, and federal agencies including courts, legislatures, jails, prisons, and administrative offices.

Secure Government Cleaning

To meet the particular facilities maintenance requirements of working with  government, we require staff to meet background and drug testing necessary to ensure security by cleaning staff. Our commitment to strategic management processes unique to cleaning operations, predictive and preventive maintenance, combined with capital planning and asset management partnerships, gives our government customers confidence we can manage the long-term vision as well as the day-to-day details of integrated facilities services.

Government Cleaning Services

When you have Commercial Janitorial as your outsourced cleaning provider, you receive:

  • A clean and safe government building from the inside out
  • Dedicated and experienced cleaning support to handle any cleaning or janitorial challenge
  • 24-hour cleaning operations support and measured inspections
  • A Commercial Cleaning Service to Match Your Government Building’s Needs

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