Clean, Lean and Green

While janitorial service is understandably in the background of day-to-day business operations, we recognize that effective, professional cleaning can enhance the health, safety, attendance, work production and environment of your workforce and facility.

We are determined to bring a lean and efficient cleaning system to our customers that ensures maximum productivity without compromising quality.

We understand that an environmentally friendly cleaning process aligns with many of our client’s corporate values as well as our own. We utilize the Green Cleaning Concept to ensure that chemicals are biodegradable and non-toxic to keep our clients, employees and the environment safe. Our sustainable cleaning process evaluates the needs of the facility and develops a system where proper chemicals, cleaning equipment, procedures and training programs combine to deliver a ‘higher clean’ while reducing environmental impacts.

The Quality Assurance of our Cleaning Excellence Program

Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee! Our Cleaning Excellence Program is the product of an accountability standard that has not changed since 1989. The key factors are:

  • The monitoring of the Service Agreement.
  • Documentation of work performance.
  •  Active communication and interaction with the customer.

Cleaning Excellence also includes an enhanced procurement process and cost control optimization resulting in a better service value and consistent quality.